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What about our Hearts?



It has been said by great thinkers and spiritual souls that there is a Language of the Heart that all can understand and would like to hear. When “Heart” speaks to “Heart”, it is “Love” that is transmitted without any reservation! This exchange has happened to me when working now and then it is wonderful, but the Big Bang of Love happens when I least expect it – a Cosmic Joke if you will. It often will happen with individuals I have not met before.

I have a theory about these Heart Healers I have met. They are people in all walks of life; both sexes. They share certain Characteristics with each other no matter what their ethnicity, nationality, religious beliefs, chosen work or family connections:

They are humble Souls, seemingly unaware of their gift of the Spirit. They hold wonderful eye contact with you and with their demeanor, be they man, woman or child, one feels the presence of a Gentleness of Spirit.  I have been blessed to have had several heart healing experiences with some of these beautiful people – 3 of these individuals come to mind so I want to share 3 little vignettes of my experiences with them. I shall attempt to be brief:

1)      In 1982 I was waiting to enter a school to observe children’ artwork and was early so I was standing on the corner by the school and across the street from the Catholic Church/school. I had time to observe a beautiful older Nun. She had kind words for those coming and going. She walked across the road and came right up to me. For a moment I thought this woman was Mother Teresa so beautiful was her countenance. She introduced herself to me and told me her Sister name which I cannot recall today and she asked me my name. She held my gaze and lovingly asked what I was doing. While I told her a brief summary of why I was standing on the corner she looked at me with such utter and absolute love I just melted right there. Later I thought, ‘what just happened a few hours ago?’ My Heart shifted and moved to a better place in my chest or something (later I would realize this was a Heart to Heart healing plain and simple). Over the years I never forgot the love and acceptance that generously oozed from every part of her being. I never saw again, but it did not seem to matter as we had exchange such a Divine moment of Love.

2)     In April 1996 I was on a Spiritual Retreat and Search for Self high in the mountains of India at a beautiful lakeside Village called Kodikanal, in the India Mountains above Mysore. It was cool weather, good company and such a beautiful spot on the earth where Purple and Blue Hydrangea grew like weeds everywhere you looked. There were groups from every country represented.  Very often we would meet other Americans at the huge 5-star hotel for afternoon Tiffin or Tea. The lounges were gorgeous and the company lively and fun. Fellow seekers would drift in and out and all of us had different travel schedules to meet to go back home or on with our travels. This one particular teatime we had new companions who had just arrived. I believe they were from the East coast and newly married. Charming company and they agreed to meet us in the morning for the morning Spiritual happenings. After queuing up for the morning Spiritual program we all eventually get into the sacred space and grab a sit on the floor. As I sat in my 2nd row position I noticed an older village lady sitting next to me. She smiled at me and seemed excited to be there. It was almost the Tamil New Year and many villagers had come up the winding mountain road all tightly crammed into small buses from the city for the festival of the New Year. They were a joy to watch all being so happy to be there.

I then noticed the young married girl I had met at tiffin/teatime the day before. The girl was seated just ahead of us. After the morning session began, without warning, this young bride stood up cursing and yelling and making a terrible scene. My first thought was, ‘dear God will someone quiet her down’. Then my second thought was, ‘she is making all of us from the States look bad’.  In the meantime my little village lady jumps up and pulls this crazed girl into her arms and started talking to her in her native tongue. She rocked her back and forth like a baby and soothed her soul looking right into her eyes. Finally the girl was back in her right mind and all was well. She sat back down and so did the little lady. My little village lady then turned to me with such love in her eyes and in her heart along with a lack of judgment of all God’s creatures or so that is how I perceived it in the moment. I was moved beyond my small-self with this Love and so ashamed of my ego-self worried how others may look at our little group from the USA. I never saw either of them again as the couple left almost immediately and I lost my village lady in the holiday crowd, but the gentle little lady left me with such a gift of Love and lessons of how to share that Love; how I could forget her?

3)     In 2005 I had a lady I knew who was dealing with an advanced case of Ovarian Cancer. I had digestive problems and she knew about them. She told me she wished I would do her a favor and get an MRI as it may have changed her outcome with her ovarian Cancer had she gotten one when she had digestive concerns. She would not give up the nag until I promised to get an MRI.  Not more than 2 weeks later she was gone. Shortly thereafter it was time for my yearly Gynecology exam. As promised to this lady I told my Gynecologist about my digestion problems and my promise to her. My doctor said let’s do an MRI. When I arrived at the Radiology Center and they were prepping me for the IV   – the young technician couldn’t find a suitable vein so he went to his boss the Radiologist for his help. This doctor was older and took my hand and looked into my eyes with such love and kindness….he found a vein and went ahead with the test which later would turn out negative for gynecology problems, but they found a ping pong ball size mass on my adrenal gland. My husband’s doctor at City of Hope took me on as a patient and although they thought it was cancer at first – they changed their minds and now have watched it for 9 years with all manner of testing and no other abnormalities have come up with my little mass they call benign. I had injured my right shoulder a few months ago and the orthopedic surgeon ordered an MRI. I arrived in the early evening at the Radiology Center on a Friday night and there was the same Radiologist from 2005 looking a little older, but seeming to me to be his same kindly, loving self. He put me in the machine with the same loving heart and when the time was over – he talked to me about my travels and how I originally injured my shoulder in the first place. He, again, conveyed that heart to heart love quality I had recognized 9 years ago simply by being himself.

All three of these beautiful people have or had: Gentle kind Energy, Beautiful Eye contact and Humility that has nothing to do with the personality or position of each person.  What a lesson for me to have these three gentle beings show me how to love others possibly the very best way we can…Heart meeting Heart!

Happy Thoughts!

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