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H.O.P.E. “Heaps of Patience Everyday”
I’ve been thinking a lot about hope. It seems to me to be a combination
of patience and faith. About a month ago, I couldn’t find my wallet. Not a wallet I used everyday, so I was at a complete loss of how long it had been gone. I thought…okay…it’s in the car. I carry around this totebag that always falls over in the car. No luck. I searched my woman cave, moved the furniture , went to places I might have used it, looked in every pocket, every drawer and started all over again. The one constant was that I NEVER lost hope. I referred to the situation as “I had mislaid it”. My parents (long deceased) gave it to me many years ago. I never knew how much it meant to me until I couldn’t find it. Well, I did find it…in a box of stationery. Why? Who knows? But the point is NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. Even though realistically, I knew there was a possibility it might not come back, I refused to completely give up hope. Yes, it’s hard to have patience, belief and faith. But…I’ve learned it’s a whole lot easier than giving up and most times, well worth the effort. By the way, my little green wallet with the broken zipper is right next to me and every time I look at it, I smile. It’s amazing the difference a little spark of hope can make. Love, Kate xoxo

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