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Cleaning out Closets

Do you remember how good you felt the last time you cleaned out your closet? Giving things away just makes me feel good and I’ll bet it does you too. An unmistakable feeling of elation fills me. It’s an accomplishment! As I pack the bags with clothing that no longer fit and gifts that no longer have any purpose, I begin to see the possibilities. Perhaps a new piece of clothing or some new footwear will grace my closet. The ability to easily see what’s in the cupboard is a little gift in itself. I wonder where my things will end up…and the life they will affect. There are so many organizations that will gladly pick up, clean, repair and distribute to those in need. Other businesses specialize in selling donated items at a fraction of their worth. Our unneeded items can bring a hope to others and often can be the start of a brand new beginning. Things we no longer need can become a treasure for many who otherwise might go without the necessities of life. De-cluttering, organizing and donating is a great way to feel good while creating a healthier environment. I hope you’ll give it a try. I promise, you’ll feel lighter and life will seem a little brighter. Giving is the nicest way to receive! Love, Kate xoxo

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