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In the Beginning..

It was September of 2007 when my world as I had known it, came to a screeching halt!  Looking back on it now, so many positive changes have occurred in my life… please don’t think your world will be ending if you have been given the same results as I did.  My personal experience of having gone thu Breast Cancer has opened so many doors for me that if I had not gone thru this, I question if I would have made the necessary changes that needed to happen in order to make my life a true one.

As I awaited for my next appointment to meet with my surgeon, which was two weeks & seemed like an eternity, my general Doctor had given me a referral to meet with a surgeon @ UCLA Medical Center.  The appointment was so frightening to me, as my husband @ the time, who later I divorced, and my then sister-in-law accompanied me.  I viewed this appointment as it was my job to gain information about my biopsy results.  Los Angeles was two hours away from where I live in Santa Barbara, California.  I was in total shock & felt like I needed to make the best decision for myself.  I can remember Dr. Gilbert telling me not to run around to every Doctor imaginable because I would become more confused, and I appreciate him giving me this advice because he sure was right!  So I personally met with three Surgeons, and chose Dr. Rink.  The reason for me choosing Dr. Rink was, one, my General Doctor who I had known for about 18 years then, recommended him, and secondly I had known a dear lady from my church who had chosen him to be her Breast Cancer surgeon, and thirdly because I felt the most comfortable with him.

In choosing your surgeon, I would highly recommend you follow your instincts along with having been referred by trusted individuals that you’ve known.